The latest smart technology in kitchen appliances listens to your needs and adapts to your requirements.

Before selecting your new kitchen appliances, it’s essential to consider your needs, your available space and your lifestyle. We like to understand how you use your kitchen and what machines are necessary for your daily routines. Are you an avid baker? Do you have a busy family that needs a large-capacity refrigerator? Do you consider yourself a cook who embraces modern technology to deliver mouthwatering results?

Like many things in life, kitchen appliances range from budget-friendly to high-end luxury models. It is therefore essential to set a budget, so we know how much you’d like to spend on appliances. We understand that balancing quality and affordability is important. We believe that investing in quality appliances will save you money in the long run. Typically, high-end products will not only last longer, but they will perform better and be more energy efficient.

Today’s technology is constantly improving, so it’s good to know which features are worth investing in and which aren’t. Here are the latest innovations to consider…

Shaker style kitchen with marbled quartz top and induction hob.

Hobs & Hoods

Smart hobs and hoods can be connected together to make cooking even more convenient. They allow you to control them in multiple ways which even include voice control. And you can use technology to take your cooking to the next level. By connecting your hob to the Home Connect app, you get access to cooking mode guides.

The Home Connect app will also send you notifications when filters need cleaning, keeping your appliance working at its best. It can even alert you when the hob has been turned on!


Did you know you can connect your oven to your smartphone or smartwatch and control it with your voice? But why would you want to do that? The advantage is that you do not have to be standing by the oven to know what’s going on inside.

The Home Connect smartphone app provides access to thousands of recipes to give you some baking inspiration. It can even send the recipe settings directly to your oven from the comfort of your sofa! And what’s more, you can even create virtual cookbooks of all your favourite recipes for instant access in the future.

If you need extra guidance, ‘Oven Assistant’ can be controlled in the app through voice control. It will provide you with the perfect programme, settings and duration for your dish.

Duo tone slab units in a modern kitchen.
A small kitchen with a laminate worktop and shaker style white doors.


When it comes to smart washing machines, you can optimise your intelligent dosing. If you use your smart phone to scan your detergent and fabric softener, the Home Connect app will set up your dosing settings perfectly. The machine will weigh the load and use the exact amount of detergent needed, based on fabric type, water hardness and degree of dirtiness.

Did you know that your Washer and Dryer can talk to each other? Your dryer can automatically choose the appropriate programme based on the load that has been washed in the washing machine.

Via the app you can find the optimal programme for your washing load. Let the app know what you are washing and Home Connect will generate the best programme for your preferences. You can send the settings to your washer or dryer or save it as a favourite for quick access.


Smart technology in fridges and freezers will let you know when you have left the door open. It can also alert you if there is a power cut. It allows you to save energy while on holiday by setting it to Holiday Mode. Your fridge can also help you to look after groceries! While you are shopping, you can use the superCool & superFreeze functions. The fridge and freezer will cool down to the optimum temperature for food storage ready for when you get home.

Black slab kitchen doors with a featured brick wall.
A smart dishwasher


Smart dishwashers have Intelligent Programme which adapts the dishwashing process to your needs. After finishing the programme, you can rate the results and the duration via the Home Connect app. The dishwasher then adapts its settings and offers you alternatives. The programme will also inform you of the programme’s water and energy consumption.

You can also link your smart dishwasher to the Smart Finish auto-replenishment service. Doing this will ensure you never run out of dishwasher tablets. The service will know how many tablets you have left and automatically reorder more when you are running low.

And if your dishwasher doesn’t have enough pre-loaded programmes for you, you can download extra programmes to suit your habits!

Coffee Machines

Coffee machines with smart technology make it easier to create your favourite beverage. They enable you to make your favourite drink with the tap of a button from anywhere. You can control temperature, size, strength, bean intensity and send your settings straight to the machine from the app. There is even an option to create a multiple drinks order by using coffeePlaylist. Your guests enter their name and drink choice on your smartphone or tablet and the coffee machine will make them all, one by one. You just need to change the cup and hand each guest their drink.

Smart coffee machines can also connect to Amazon Alexa or Google Home, enabling you to control it with your voice.

A handleless kitchen with white gloss units and marbled splashback.

Our Preferred suppliers of home appliances


Siemens Home Appliances combine innovative technologies with beautiful designs to create a range of intelligent and intuitive products. The brilliant innovations found in Siemens appliances set a new standard in applied technology redefining the way households are run.

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NEFF build kitchen appliances that cater to the needs of serious cooks and amateur chefs alike. In fact, they have been producing high-quality kitchen appliances for over 135 years! With their focus on innovation and design, NEFF’s signature Slide&Hide® oven door and CircoTherm® technology make cooking enjoyable and efficient.

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A household name for kitchen appliances, Bosch is known for producing high-quality, reliable, and stylish products. With over a century of expertise in the industry, Bosch offers a wide range of kitchen appliances. They produce everything you need for your kitchen, including ovens, hobs, fridges, freezers, and dishwashers.

Visit Bosch Website

Kitchen Design

Your appliances are an essential part of the kitchen design process. We like to familiarise ourselves with how you will use your kitchen to know what technology to suggest for your needs. You can browse through some of our recent kitchen installations below or click the button to learn about our design process.

Or, to chat to us about what appliances you would like in your new kitchen, please get in touch.






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