Large storage cupboards built into a custom designed utility room with a washing machine and tumble dryer stacked inside one of the cupboards.

Utility rooms can be called by different names. They are sometimes referred to as laundry rooms, boot rooms or even transition rooms. Whatever you call them, they are often overlooked or forgotten about when it comes to interior design. Being a practical space, they are rarely considered worthy of good design or adding a touch of personal style.

But we disagree. There are a whole range of space-saving storage innovations that we can design into your utility room to make it as functional as possible. But we can also apply the same care and attention to the design that we do to your kitchen. There’s no reason why your utility room can’t be beautifully designed to your desired specification.

People utilise their utility rooms for many different reasons. They are often designated as a pet-friendly corner for their dogs and cats to sleep. They are often used as coat rooms, where all outdoor wear and muddy wellies are kept. But one of the most common uses is for additional storage and to house washing machines and tumble dryers. No matter what you want to use yours for, we’ll help you make the most of your available space.

A custom designed utility room with a sink, wood effect laminate worktop, a green tiled splashback, lots of cabinets and large floor to ceiling storage cupboards.
A utility room with large storage cupboards that house a washing machine, tumble dryer and a custom space to store the ironing board and brooms.

A Place to Declutter

Utility rooms see their fair share of mess when dealing with laundry, cleaning and other household jobs. So, we often recommend making space for a second, more functional sink. This can be used for cleaning shoes, boots, BBQ equipment and even washing small pets! And if you do install a sink, we recommend investing in a spray tap with a pull-out hose. This device can target water exactly where it’s needed, helping to achieve a thorough clean.

A lot of the time, utility rooms also house boilers, water tanks and consumer units. These aren’t the most aesthetic units and can interrupt the look of the room. Typically, when we design a utility room, we aim to hide these essential items inside large cabinets. The benefit of this is that we can install lots of additional custom storage space into the cabinetry. This is perfect for storing ironing boards, irons, vacuum cleaners and other small household equipment.

Your washing machine and tumble dryer can be left visible and freestanding for easy access. Or, we can build a dedicated cabinet where they are hidden and stacked on top of each other. Stacking the appliances vertically frees up floor space, so there is more room for other functional storage. Perhaps a second fridge or a blackboard with the family schedule?

We can certainly suggest smart and inventive ways to design a practical utility room that’s customised to your requirements. But importantly, we’ll make sure it looks as good as the rest of your home!

If you would like to discuss a custom designed utility room for your home, then get in touch. Our design team will be happy to help you to create a space that’s not only functional, but uniquely yours.

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