Shaker style doors are a classic design with a frame and an inset panel. They can be made from a variety of materials in different finishes. For example, they can be manufactured from solid timber or made from MDF. They can be painted to emphasise the wood grain or they can be painted to a smooth finish. They can also be wrapped in a matt or gloss vinyl wrap.

Shaker doors can also have additional detailing, such as beading attached to the frame or a shaped mid-section. The shaker style design is mostly associated with traditional and country kitchen styles. However, they can also be accessorised with modern features to fit in with more contemporary kitchen designs.

True Handleless

True handleless doors have a handle rail integrated into the cabinet behind, negating the need for handles. The rail is not just means to open the door, it has become a design feature of the kitchen. The rails come in a range of metallic finishes or can be painted in different colours. They can also be made from natural timber. Typically the door style of handleless doors is plain slab, but other door styles can be used.

The trend of true handleless kitchen doors has grown in demand in recent years within more modern kitchen designs. They are suited to new properties as well as older homes in need of a change.

J-Groove Handleless

J-Groove handleless doors are perfect for creating a contemporary look whilst maintaining the clean lines of your kitchen. The J-Groove (or J-Pull) means that the handle is cut into the door, allowing you to open the cabinet. They are a good budget friendly option as they do not require the additional cost of a rail system.

The doors are typically made of MDF and painted in different matt or gloss colours. Alternatively, they can be finished with a timber veneer and wood stain.


Slab doors are modern doors that are minimalist in design but come in an unrivalled choice of colours and textures. They can be manufactured in natural or painted finishes, exotic veneers or laminated wood. They can be smooth, textured, with matt or high gloss paint in many different colours.

The majority of doors and panels from our suppliers are made to order. This allows us to design furniture in any height, width and depth, thus creating a truly individual space. With all of these options available, it allows us superb design flexibility when planning your kitchen.


In-frame kitchens are elegantly simple and will look stunning, no matter what style of property they find themselves in. They are inspired by traditional, solid cabinet making and represent quality, strength and long-term durability. In-frame doors are inset within a frame that is fitted to the front of a kitchen carcass.

Customers searching for longevity and sustainability often choose to invest in high-quality kitchens that will stand the test of time. Which is why in-frame kitchens, with their reputation for fine craftsmanship and detail, have become more prominent recently.

In-frame kitchens require additional materials for the frames and extra time needed to build it. This of course brings a higher price tag. They will, however, add a value to a home.

Feature Doors

Many of our customers are building kitchen extensions. And with this, we are seeing an increase in demand for large room layouts. This often calls for the separation of different zones, which can be achieved by introducing feature doors and textures.

Feature doors can be the same style as the rest of the kitchen but used in a contrasting colour. However, they often consist of different, much more eye-catching textures. One of the current trends is for fluted glass doors, which bring a vintage edge to any contemporary design.

Another style of kitchen feature doors are reeded cabinet doors. They are fitted with beaded wood panel, adding visual interest to furniture. It can be painted in any colour or made using natural timber with a beautiful visible wood grain.

Metallic, industrial and finishes that draw inspiration from nature are also popular feature doors. For example, materials like copper, brass and concrete are very much on-trend with modern kitchen designs.

If you’d like to see how any of these kitchen door styles would fit into your new kitchen, then why not get in touch. We’d be happy to book a design consultation to discuss the options.

Kitchen Handles & Knobs

Kitchen handles can completely change the feel of your kitchen. They are the fine detail that will dress up your room. There are a vast amount of options for you to choose from. Head over to our Kitchen Handles & Knobs page to learn more.





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