Maximise Kitchen Storage – Regardless of Size!

The storage potential of your kitchen does not always depend on its size.

Whether we are designing kitchens in small houses, city apartments or country cottages, maximizing storage space is paramount. The biggest question is, ‘how do you utilise the space you have to make the most of your kitchen?’ This is where creative thinking and a knowledge of modern storage solutions combine to create really efficient kitchens.

Kitchen with breakfast island with 4 chairs, laminate flooring and skylight.
Kitchen with breakfast island with 4 chairs, laminate flooring and skylight.

Living Instead of Searching

Storage space is a precious commodity, so it should be used in the best way possible. There is no need to crawl into the furthest corner of a cabinet to retrieve a utensil or saucepan. With the right design, everything you need on everyday basis can be neatly stowed away and within easy reach. Instead of wasting time searching for colanders, we’ll help you to spend time on the more important things in life. We offer everything from pull-out storage, larder units, carousels, spice racks, shelves, rails, baskets and more.

We have many clever solutions that take the stress out of storage, making kitchen clutter a thing of the past. For example, those hard-to-reach cabinet corners can become innovative talking points with our swing out units. Where to store those handy but cumbersome kitchen gadgets? How do you neatly keep that mountain of plastic containers in check? How do you stop wasting good food as it gets lost in those dark corners? These are common problems in the kitchen, and we can help you tackle them.

We have partnered with Kesseböhmer, Blum and Vauth-Sagel – brands well known for quality, durability, longevity and beautiful design. Their products provide function that delights and quality that sets the standard. Between them and other brands, we can offer complete kitchen storage solutions to make everything organised and easily accessible.

One of our most popular options for tall larders are ‘Space Towers’ from Blum. This is a larder unit that offers plenty of storage space. Its inner pull-out drawers can be designed individually and give you easy access to items from three sides. This has proven to be one of the most convenient and ergonomic ways to store food.

Here are some examples of great kitchen storage solutions…

Waste & Recycling Made Easy

Disposing of waste responsibly is a key concern in many households. Whether it’s a single bin under the sink, or a bigger multi-compartment unit for your recycling, there is a solution. With up to four compartments, our bins can be integrated into your kitchen design, making waste management an easy part of daily life.

Our bins are available in a variety of colours and can be designed to fit a wide range of cabinets. They really are the perfect way to keep your new kitchen clean and tidy. The days of unattractive pedal bins cluttering up the corner of kitchens is a thing of the past. Bin design has moved on to reflect modern lifestyles. And we embrace this in our designs as an essential part decluttering kitchens. Keeping waste and recycling hidden behind closed doors rather than on display creates a cleaner, more hygienic environment.

Kitchen with breakfast island with 4 chairs, laminate flooring and skylight.

Our Kitchen Projects

If you would like to see some examples of our kitchen design and installation, why not check out our portfolio? You’ll find a range of different designs and storage solutions that will hopefully give you some inspiration.

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