A Variety of Kitchen Worktops to Complement Any Colour Scheme

One of the most influential elements on the look and feel of your kitchen is the kitchen worktop. The right worksurface can perfectly complement everything else in the room. But with so many choices and brands on the market, choosing the right worktop can be a difficult decision. Do you go for Quartz, porcelain, granite, sintered stone, laminate, wood, ceramic or acrylic surfaces? And in what colour or pattern? We will guide you on the pros and cons of each and help you make the right decision for you.

The surface you choose needs to be durable, long-lasting, hard-wearing and, of course, it needs to look good. So, what are the different materials?

White glossy kitchen with handleless units, quartz worktop and induction hob.


A man-made stone, engineered using natural quartz, resins and polymers to create a wide range of finishes. It is one of the most popular choices as it is a hard, non-porous and stain resistant. It is easy to clean and care for and makes a great kitchen worktop choice. Quartz is partially heat resistant. However, it is susceptible to damage from very high temperatures.

Sintered Stone

Sintered Stone is made entirely from natural materials and fused together with pressure and extreme heat. The sintering processes mimic how stones are formed over thousands of years, but in a matter of hours. It is temperature resistant, non-porous and antibacterial. However, the edges can be chipped on hard impact due to the density of the material.

Duo tone slab units in a modern kitchen.
A small kitchen with a laminate worktop and shaker style white doors.


Granite worksurfaces are 100% natural rock and therefore there will never be another granite worktop exactly like yours. As they are formed by heat and pressure, they are resistant to damage from heat. Granite is a porous material and needs to be sealed to prevent staining.


Laminate worktops are a low budget alternative to quartz and granite. They come in a truly vast range of styles and are very low maintenance. Suitable for a variety of budgets, laminate worktops can be a great choice. However, they could scratch more easily than other surfaces and can warp if water gets under the laminated surface.

Black slab kitchen doors with a featured brick wall.


Wooden worktops are strong and beautiful. They provide a timeless, warm homely look that goes with almost any colour and style of kitchen. However, they require maintenance to stay looking their best. Regular oiling is required to protect the wood and prevent stains or water marks.

Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Your worktop and your cabinet door styles need to work in harmony to create a great kitchen aesthetic. Check out our door styles page to learn all about the many options available to you. Alternatively, why not book a design consultation with our design team to discuss your ideas for a new kitchen.





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