A dedicated drinks area with a large wine cooler in a classic shaker open plan kitchen/diner space.

Now more than ever, the kitchen is becoming an integral space for entertainment as well as cooking. As more people like to host parties at home, space for entertaining is becoming part of our kitchen designs.

So, if you are bringing the party to the kitchen, have you considered creating your own cocktail bar. Even if you don’t have much space, we can find ways to design a dedicated drinks area into your kitchen. But it doesn’t need to be just for cocktails, you could have an area for making tea or specialist coffees.

Our customers often ask us to design handy minibars and coffee corners into their kitchen designs. Adding showstopping features like this to your kitchen is the perfect way to elevate your design and wow your guests. A bespoke kitchen design, tailored to your preferences, is a great way to inject your personality into your kitchen.

There are many ways we can achieve this. For example, we can introduce contrasting colours and textures. Or perhaps with a striking mirrored or glass splashback. And there’s always clever and seductive lighting to help set the mood.

You may decide on imaginative shelving for your prosecco or gin glasses. Or how about a display cabinet for your premium champagne bottles?

A counter top drinks cabinet in a modern green and white coloured shaker style kitchen.
A drinks making area with coffee machine, kettle and coffee grinder set conveniently in a recess in a compact kitchen.
An drinks area in an ornate shaker style kitchen with two large wine coolers.

Personalised Drinks Areas

Of course, you might feel that your drinks area is better suited in a separate room to your kitchen. We could utilise an unused alcove in your home or even a recess at the side of a chimney breast. Whatever space you have, we’ll design a drinks area, complete with storage and preparation space.

If you’d like to build a drinks area into your new kitchen, then we’d love to speak with you. Why not call our design team to arrange an initial design consultation? You can call us on 01403 254090 or send us a message.

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