A kitchen with white and dark blue cupboards, marble work surface and a light blue splashback.

Despite the global pandemic, which has had a significant effect on the way that we work, we have experienced an unprecedented demand on our services over the past couple years.

Like everyone else, we were forced to adapt to working with our customers remotely. We hand delivered samples to individual homes and spent substantially longer on each project. 

We are grateful to our clients who remained determined to keep going with their home improvement plans and would not stop even for Covid. We are proud to confirm that due to the safe working environment we created, no one has been put in danger of contracting the virus; all our staff have managed to survive unscathed and are now 3 times fully vaccinated.

Of course, the pandemic is not over yet, and we are still fighting with supply chain issues. Appliances of all makes are subjects of long delivery times and are causing the biggest headache to all kitchen retailers. But despite the hills and mountains that we have had to climb, some beautiful kitchens and studies have been created. 

Here are few images of our favourites.

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