White gloos finish kitchen with handleless units and induction hobb

Are you confused about which saucepans will work best with your induction hob? 

Most of us will know that induction hobs only work with pots and pans that contain ferrous metal in the base.  

Your existing saucepans may well work with induction and to test them, hold a magnet next to the pan base; if it attracts, the pan will work on induction. But it may not be the saucepans that make your induction cooking work most efficiently. 

If you look for cookware that is made for induction instead of “will work” on induction, you will find that your induction hob will cook using less power for faster results. Which of course, means much more energy efficient cooking. 

So, look for solid thick base, made of ferrous metals such as cast iron or magnetic stainless steel. Purchasing saucepans which have an induction plate built into the bottom of the base will slow down your cooking and use more energy.  

A kitchen Timber dovetailed drawerbox
A kitchen Timber dovetailed drawerbox

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