A custom built media wall in a kitchen / diner with cupboards, bookshelves and a large TV screen.

This customer wanted to make much better use of the space at the end of their open-plan kitchen/diner. So we designed and created this bespoke media wall as the perfect solution.

Being a bespoke design, it allowed us to coordinate the style with the rest of the room. Which in this case is light grey J-Groove handleless doors. It also meant that we could build the unit to compliment the exact dimensions of the customers TV and soundbar.


The open shelving surrounding the TV is a perfect place for displaying ornaments and books. Whilst the cupboards provide a perfect way to declutter a room. They are great for hiding those everyday things that would otherwise be left laying around the kitchen.

Building a bespoke unit also meant that we could hide away all the wiring for the TV and soundbar. This leaves a much cleaner finish to the unit and helps to further declutter the room.

We are finding that media walls are becoming more and more popular as people choose to customise their homes. If you have recesses or unused areas in your house, it’s a perfect way to optimise your space. We can even add ambient and mood lighting to a media wall to really add some atmosphere to a room.

Other typical spaces you might consider customising are under the stairs, fireplace recesses or even landings. Not only will custom furniture improve the aesthetic of your house, but it adds appeal and value to your property.

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