Custom furniture with oak worktop, built to house an amplifier, turntable and a 12 inch record collection.

We designed and built this bespoke record storage unit for one of our customers who wanted to declutter their kitchen/diner. And, at the same time, provide safe haven for their record collection. Following building work, they knocked through two downstairs rooms to make a large open-plan space.

They had a new kitchen fitted in the new space and set up their stereo at the far end of the room. However, what they found was that the end of the room become a bit of a dumping ground. Their young daughter saw it as a perfect place to store toys, drawings and other things important to an 8-year-old.

We were asked to design a space where their record collection and their board games could live together in harmony. The records are a very uniform size, so deciding how big these spaces should be was easy. We had to make the shelves sit a little proud to give them protection. We also had to allow a little extra space above to be able to flick through and select the records.

A little breathing space

The top shelves were designed around the size of the amplifier, with a few extra centimetres to allow some airflow. We also needed to fit power sockets to the back of the unit to power the amplifier and the turntable. Due to the depth of the unit, we needed to move the plug socket on the wall to the right. Otherwise, it would have overlapped.

Whilst the shelves are made from laminate, the customer wanted an oak worktop. However, the original design had the top of the unit sitting just below the windowsill. So, we made the suggestion of raising the unit a little higher and integrating the oak worktop into the sill.

The customer was very happy:

“It’s so nice to have a permanent home for my records. I find myself listening to them a lot more now that I’ve had a chance to alphabetise them.”

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A cluttered space with a stereo, boxes of records, golf clubs and childrens games.
Custom furniture with oak worktop, built to house an amplifier, turntable and a 12 inch record collection.

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